Parking Lot Locations

Click on one of the parking locations below to find out more information. Clicking the right-pointing arrow on the parking lot information page will give you directions to that location.

Elora (Gerrie Rd)
LON: N 43o 41.594’
LAT: W080o 24.856’
Elevation: 401m
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LON: N 43o 46.994’
LAT: W080o 13.592’
Elevation: 442m
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Fergus (Beatty Line)
LON: N 43o 41.912’
LAT: W080o 23.277’
Elevation: 409m
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Hillsburgh (Station St)
LON: N 43o 47.103’
LAT: W080o 08.364’
Elevation: 433m
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Fergus (Gartshore St)
Baseball Diamond Parking Lot
LON: N 43o 42.994’
LAT: W080o 22.590’
Elevation: 419m
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Erin (Ross St.)
LON: N 43o 46.668’,
LAT: W080o 04.401’
Elevation: 395m
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LON: N 43o 47.368’
LAT: W080o 18.953’
Elevation: 428m
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Cataract: (Cataract Rd. & Mississauga Rd.)
LON: N 43o 49.056’
LAT: W080o 01.577’
Elevation: 400m
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