Are there campground close to the Trailway?

There are no campgrounds immediately off the Trailway. The Elora Gorge Park Campground (GRCA) is approx 5km from the Gerrie Rd trailhead in Elora. More details are available at There is also a commercial campground in Belwood called Highland Pines Campground that is located on Belwood Lake. There website is

What is the Trailway surface like?

Being a former rail bed, the Trailway is mostly flat. The entire surface has been refinished with stone dust. See pictures under the “Gallery” section of the website,

Are there Maps available for the Trailway?

There are several ways to get a map. You can download from our website under the “MAP: section. Maps are also generally available at the Centre Wellington Chamber of Commerce, The Elora BIA Office, Fergus, Aboyne, Elora, Hillsburgh and Erin Public Libraries, Wellington County Museum, Erin Town Hall.

Who owns the Trailway?

The Trailway is owned by The Grand River Conservation Authority (between Gerrie Rd in Elora to 6th line in Orton. From 6th Line in Orton to Cataract the Trailway is part of the Credit Valley Conservation.

If there are no fees, why buy a membership?

As an all volunteer organization membership dues help support all our projects (see newsletters under “Member” section of our website for more details of our specific projects.